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Where are we?

Tribal Territories Southern New England around 1600, Nikater; adapted to English by Hydrargyrum, 2008, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. https://commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/File:Tribal_Territories_Southern_New_England.png

We are in Massachusetts, which got its name from the Algonquian Massachusett people. (See map at right for one understanding of the Native people in our area!)

Who are we?

We are 8th grade Civics students at a middle school in Massachusetts.

Who is the teacher? 

Ms Eichner! Hi! I am a 8th grade Civics & ELA teacher, and I am excited to try blogging actively together! My previous blog was one I kept while teaching English for a year in Tajikistan.

I love making connections between history and current events, and empowering students to be upstanders and make a change in the world. In my free time, I love reading (especially historical fiction), talking about social justice, running, hiking, and baking. My avatar is a kestrel because I also enjoy birding. I gained my love for kestrels through my summer camp in West Virginia, where we would read Loren Eiseley’s essay “The Bird and the Machine.”


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